The Home Sellers' Task Force

A crack squad of expert Taskers, here to help improve the saleability of your home.

Calling All Home Sellers

With the Stamp Duty Holiday winding down in the coming months, a flurry of activity in the property market is predicted as homeowners look to complete their sales in time. Whilst this deadline provides the perfect opportunity for those who have market-ready homes, there are homeowners across the UK whose properties need some sprucing up. 

Our research shows that:





of Brits need less than a minute in a house to know if it’s the one. First impressions really do count!

have written off a property before even setting foot inside. It’s not just books that are judged by their cover.

claim they would reject a potential home if they had a “bad feeling” about it. Trust your instincts, folks!

of homeowners need help getting their property ready for sale, be it cleaning, organising or decorating.

Despite Britain being a nation of snap-decision makers, our research also shows that one in five Brits don’t feel confident that their home will make a good first impression. To give home sellers a helping hand, interior design expert Kate Watson-Smyth has come on board to offer her expertise as a Tasker. Kate is a member of our Home Sellers' Task Force; an expert team of Taskers, on hand to improve the prospect of selling your home.

Tasking with...
Kate Watson-Smyth

Offering her interior design expertise exclusively through TaskRabbit

Kate Watson-Smyth

Expert interior designer

     Limited time only!

Interiors expert Kate Watson-Smyth runs an interior design consultancy, is the creator of award-winning blog “Mad about the House” and the author of several books. Kate is offering a limited number of (free!) virtual consultations via TaskRabbit, delving into the barriers that home sellers may be facing and offering simple solutions to boost saleability.

Plus, a taster of our talented Taskers:





Elite Tasker

Painting Pro

Elite Tasker

Organisation Maestro

Elite Tasker

Gardening Whiz

Elite Tasker

Queen of Clean

Patrick has been a Tasker for five years, earning hundreds of 5* reviews for his painting skills. Whether it's giving your front door a makeover, creating neutral interiors or freshening up your home's façade, Patrick's your man!

Ruti has a true right-left brain balance; a love for structure and organisation equally matched by creative problem solving. The ideal combination for finding organisation solutions for any home! Tap to tidy...

When Nico’s career as a head chef was impacted by Covid-19, he joined TaskRabbit to explore his true passion; gardening. Twelve months later his landscaping business is thriving and he hasn't looked back.

Nicola has helped get a number of homes ready for sale, using her attention to detail to “totally transform the place” (in the words of one client!). She is renowned for leaving homes sparkling and clients happy.

Save £15

when you book a Task using code:


Terms & conditions - Use code HOMESELL15 to save up to £15 on a booking. Offer must be applied at time of booking by 30/06/21 23:59 GMT and must be redeemed by 14/07/21 23:59 GMT. Offer may not be combined with any other sale, promotion, discount code, credit, coupon, and/or offer. Offer only applies to users based in the UK. The offer is subject to TaskRabbit's terms of service.

We have selected the above Taskers as part of the Home Sellers' Task Force, because research indicates that their expertise can help with saleability:

The top 10 turn-offs for Brits when viewing a property are:

Visible mould (70%)

Water leak stains (65%)

Unpleasant smells (63%)

Exposed wiring (62%)

Cracked plaster (50%)

Cracked floor tiles (36%)

Dirty bathroom (33%)

Dirty kitchen (33%)

Grubby bathroom grouting (32%)

Overgrown garden (28%)

The top 10 most wanted features for Brits when viewing a property are:

Double glazed windows (66%)

Bright & airy rooms (63%)

Scenic gardens (48%)

Modern appliances or finishes (39%)

Open plan kitchens (39%)

Well kept period features (34%)

Neutral walls (34%)

Original wood flooring (31%)

Sliding doors to outdoor space (31%)

Newly installed carpets (27%)

A lick of paint, spring clean and spruce can be all your home needs to attract a buyer. To apply for a consultation with Kate to discover simple solutions for your home, click here:


What is the Home Sellers' Task Force?

The Home Sellers' Task Force is a group of Taskers whose expertise can help sell your home. We have selected these experts in their fields based on research which indicates the biggest turn-offs for potential buyers include overgrown gardens and unclean or untidy rooms, while neutral-painted walls are on the wish-list. Interior design expert Kate Watson-Smyth is part of the Task Force, offering one-on-one consultations with home sellers seeking advice on the changes they can make to boost the saleability of their home.

Why is TaskRabbit introducing this now?

Many UK homeowners will be wanting to take advantage of the Stamp Duty Holiday ending on 30th September by selling their homes quickly and efficiently. Our research shows that more than one in five of those who have sold a property in the past have needed help, so we launched the Home Sellers' Task Force to give UK homeowners the extra support they need to get their house sold as efficiently as possible.

How do you book the Home Sellers Task Force?

You can book help from skilled, reliable Taskers in your area here.

For a chance to win a free virtual consultation with Kate Watson-Smyth, apply here.

What are the terms and conditions?

To view the T&Cs of our prize draw to win a virtual consultation with Kate Watson-Smyth, please visit